“Also get support for yourself

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I am close to my boys having been a ‘single dad’ for nine months, and we have three beautiful children from the pregnancies.””The tips I would give dads going through it would be not to be fazed by vomit or urine, support her as much as you can, go to doctor appointments and advocate for her.”Also get support for yourself, and know that you can survive it.”The only other thing I’d add is that you need to watch out for her mental health. It’s such a lonely and depressing condition.”Luckily Caitlin recovered fine after the pregnancies, but if you are worried that your partner is still depressed afterwards or getting anxious, then seek help for her and talk to her about your worries. That’s really important as she might not seek help for herself.”I also know other dads who have got depressed byhyperemesis gravidarumduring and after the pregnancy, so look after yourself too and seek help if you need it.”.

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