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2 points submitted 1 day agoI think you could do it by making three conferences and playing home and away with your conference and playing the rest with the other two conference. So 36 teams makes 12 in each conference and Canada Goose sale play team in your conferences canada goose clearance sale 22 times and play the other 12 with the the other conference. So if you the western conference, canada goose outlet you play home and away with you conference and then 6 games against teams of the central conference and 6 games against team canada goose black friday sale of the eastern conference. So it could be regional and national at the same time but the only drawback is you Canada Goose Parka don canada goose store play everyone which is probably what you think of when you say national.mushaslater 1 point submitted 3 days agoThat’s too bad. The quality isn’t as good as other asian teams but certainly better for the SEA region. When we’re up against rivals it can get pretty entertaining.For club teams its a mixed canada goose bag. There are teams that are fun to watch and teams that are dreadful. Generally now is a period if change in Malaysian football. There’s some organizational changes and other changes that aim to make clubs better but right now there’s not much change. The league also plays only 22 games a year if i’m not mistaken so only half a season and the other half is dedicated for cup competitions which I think is kinda lame. The competition itself is good but just making a whole timeframe for the cup reduces games and kinda loses the momentum a full season could have on the canada goose coats public.mushaslater 1 point submitted 2 days agoI think I started watching in 2010 or 2011 when there were games shown in TV here. I was already a Premier League fan and MLS intrigued me back then. I started watching a little but few years later they didn’t show it on TV anymore. I guess the ratings weren’t good so they dropped it. Plus kickoffs were usually around 6 to 7 in the morning, sometimes 10. Some people don’t wake up that early for soccer. I followed MLS news a little in the following years, mostly focusing on expansion news cause those intrigue me. Then last two years i found out about the MLS youtube channel and followed the league more closely. And this season i’ve been following from the beginning and also i discovered USL and this reddit so i’ve been consuming this league a whole lot more, sometimes more than the Premier League. It has been so entertaining and i love it very much. 1 point submitted 3 days agoAnd these should be random, or possibly scheduled so that teams will more or less travel the same distance (ie everyone travel distance is the same so it makes it more fair instead of the Eastern Conference travelling shorter distances than the Western Conference). There a whole configuration that can take place that can possibly make it so that every year they be different out of conference matches.EDIT: Since they meet with the outer conference team so little, and if the Championship becomes a 42 team league (14 each conference leaving 8 open out of conference games), they can promote the hell out of these games. Heck, they can even make a whole week (or 4) about these games. But I prefer they stagger it so they canada goose deals can hype up the local crowd to a visitor from another conference. But 12 games now can already be hyped. That six home games that if they hype it up well can have sell out crowds. 29 points submitted 5 days agoNYCFC operating at a $ 15m deficit? Damn. Their ownership needs to wake up. I would not be surprised if they didn buy canada goose jacket cheap replace Villa with an equal cost player, canada goose coats on sale or even half cost, with that kind of number. What crazy is they are on par with most teams in terms of revenue at $42 million, so where is all of that money going? I assuming the costs of playing at Yankee Stadium? edit: 15 million might not sound like a lot for owners worth their weight in gold, but mulitply that number over 3 or 4 seasons. You looking at losing $60 million over 4 years. That the cost of a massive “start up” sometimes, but at some point that stadium needs to go up so they buy canada goose jacket can turn that number around. Every year they lose is costing them a lot.Chicago is leaking money. Not good. Things look dreary for them. They long overdue for a really big shake up.NYRB only 4 million behind NYCFC on revenue despite playing in NJ is impressive. weezer-online They such a well oiled machine.LA Galaxy blowing everyone out with a $63 million revenue despite just shows the value of having guys like Zlatan in this league. edit: Apparently this number is from last year, a year in which they sucked, so it probably even higher now that they have the most marketable player in the league.I have this feeling Seattle is sitting on a good little pool of money canada goose clearance and they about to throw a lot of it down in 2019 to fill Dempsey spot.mushaslater 6 points submitted 5 days agoMy conspiracy theory is that MLS will Canada Goose online fold the Chicago Fire, then invite 5 USL teams to participate in MLS as guests to make the league 32 teams. canadian goose jacket The initial teams will be handpicked first instead of based on promotion so the cheap Canada Goose upcoming Chicago USL team with the supposedly 20k capacity stadium will be invited first (along with Louisville City FC, Sac Republic, San Antonio and Phoenix Rising). Then every season the lowest USL team will relegated to the USL and the USL Cup winner will play in MLS.So for Chicago, they don’t need to play at the Fire stadium because technically they’re a USL team and not MLS and when the lease expires in 2037 (I think?) they’re either revive the Fire or create a second team in Chicago. 2 points submitted 5 days agoThat seems like a whole lot of work for a legal argument that would get laughed out of court. The Bridgeview lease is one where the single entity structure sort of screws the league. MLS agreed that any MLS games would be in Bridgeview.That said I agree that killing off the Fire seems a real possibility. As long as MLS feels it is necessary to be in Chicago Bridgeview has all the leverage. If MLS is willing to leave the market temporarily then Bridgeview is stuck with an empty stadium with no possible tenant and where they likely can’t afford the maintenance. If that stadium is no longer playable then the lease no longer applies. 2 points submitted 5 days agoS2 are not a hybrid, well not really. Seattle still owns part all of S2 and they own the players contracts, so they are a weird middle ground, but far closer to a MLS2 team than a RGV type scenario. so they are a MLS2 team. I consider them a MLS2 team, even with a name change.They are doing alright, but my game at Tacoma I was very disappointed in the atmosphere, it felt different from any other USL independent match. Personally I rather have MLS2 teams just be MLS2 teams and have independent clubs fill those markets, otherwise a “Steel” situation might arise.

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