Carter Shannon picked up 3 points for the Terrace squad

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kanken Those who like their cigarette with their meal and their drinks will finally have a commercial place to partake in this unhealthy habit. Terrace City Council approved an application to allow Boston Pizza to construct a new patio next to their building and their already existing covered patio. This is specifically designed for their smoking patrons.. kanken

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kanken sale Terrace opened the tourney against Quesnel and were soundly trounced 7 4 in the opening game. Quesnel played a terrific game and dominated the Kermodes. Carter Shannon picked up 3 points for the Terrace squad. It was a sold out event that saw MLA Tom Shypitka attending to say words of congratulation. Shypitka commented, has outstanding businesses and this year’s nominees are further proof of this town entrepreneurial spirit. Took the opportunity to congratulate and thank all of the nominees kanken sale.

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