Give Us A Call, Maybe? Since most universities give potential students

 direct access to their admission representatives (USC included), many more students have taken taken advantage with this opportunity. However, take into account that the act of contacting your admission counselor is its own art form. There is a balance between being genuinely wondering. Check out tips to think about when contacting your territory manager:

DO call us if you are confused about our application procedure and require some guidance.

DON’T email us just to say hi. Your email should have a purpose.

DO contact us if you have a relevant question in regards to a specific major. USC has 150 majors and 150 minors; being able to demonstrate your knowledge and fascination with your academic interest is one thing we appreciate, but we also know so many choices could be confusing.

DON’T over-communicate…CONSOLIDATE! We would instead respond to a couple of well orchestrated emails than numerous questions that are individual.

DO remind us if and when we have met in yesteryear. We meet several thousand students each year and appreciate when students don’t assume we remember the conversation we had with them.

DON’T have your parent contact us. Be your very own advocate!

DO write us a note if there is a circumstance that is outlying want us to keep yourself updated of. This is a thing that we shall factor in your application aswell.

DON’T address us incorrectly or improperly in the email.

DO includ

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A simple guide to writing a first-class essay

The Internet is awash with not-so-helpful essay writing advice, making it tricky for students to find the advice they need when writing essays. To help you out, our aademic experts have written the following tips you can use before and whilst crafting your essay, to ensure your writing hits the mark.

Understand the question

This may, at the face of it, sound like somewhat banal advice – but fact of the matter is that failing to properly understand the question set is one of, if not the most common reason behind a disappointing grade when it comes to essay writing. Are you being asked to critically evaluate something? Compare and contrast? Analyse a particular circumstance? Evaluate the usefulness of a particular concept?

These are some of the common phrases found in essay questions, and each indicates a different set of expectations. If you are asked to critically evaluate a particular theoretical approach, for instance, you have to gain an understanding not only of said theory, but also other common approaches. They must all be weighed against each other, highlighting the relative strengths and weaknesses of each theory and, importantly, you must come to a well-justified and confident conclusion. Is the theory good? What are its flaws? How can it be improved?

If you are asked to evaluate the usefulness of something, however, you don’t necessarily need to go into as much critical depth. Yes, you should still ackno

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Help Write My Essay – Review of Top 5 Non-Legit Essay Writing Companies to Avoid

Writing help is, many a time, indispensable to students. So, whenever you’re in need of assistance, you should be able to distinguish between the legit and non-legit companies. That’s why today we will present some of the non-trusted companies in the domain, to help you make a documented decision!


EduBirdie operates similarly to a customer-writer matching clearinghouse. As a customer, you place your assignment on their platform, and interested freelance writers place bids if they are acquainted with your topic.

Now moving on to the reasons why we won’t recommend you to pick this service. The testimonials on the website were entirely positive. As for off-site comments, they were rather mixed. Some customers complained about the unresponsiveness of the customer support department and the lacking quality.

If we were to assess the writing itself, we would have to say that the mistakes and errors in our paper indicate the work of an ESL writer. Also, when we asked for revisions, we got no response. Without a doubt, this company needs to upgrade its services before we would suggest students to use their services.


Since we didn’t find any writing samples on, we were unable to anticipate the preparation level of the writers. Only if the writer posts samples on his/her profile can one assess the quality of the writing. An odd thing that makes us qu

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Cyprus’ First Satellite Casinos to open up Doors This Summer

1st gambling enterprises will opened doorways for the Republic of Cyprus this summer, neighborhood mass media keeps reported. Significant gaming operators complex Rock worldwide and Melco International developing comprise chosen once the best designers in the Mediterranean area country’s basic built-in casino hotel fall that is last.

The 2 mega-companies will be able to work together with regional partner Cyprus Phassouri (Zakaki) throughout the realization regarding the big arrange. Melco and intense Rock each own a 35.37% stake inside their partnership, the continuing to be 29.26% is actually presented by their particular neighborhood mate.

It’s considered that homework will be complete while the needed deals is finalized within the next couple of days. Once this is accomplished, the National games and Casino guidance fee will award a licenses towards the Melco-Hard stone consortium for the procedure of a casino resort, up to four satellite casinos, or over to three position parlors over the Republic of Cyprus.

Limassol certainly are the host city in the basic built-in turn to be constructed on the sun-kissed island, since it happens to be recognized earlier on this season. Within the terms of the agreement between designers additionally the Cypriot federal government, Melco-Hard stone would be provided a license that is 30-year the operation of Melco-Hard stone destinations Cyprus. The number of investo

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