He keeps me from getting the game by playing a true name to

But the kid had 52 points in 46 games in OKC and he a strong defensive player, so my own take is that this is a good sign from the Oilers organization. The team is showing some patience here. It not giving up on a player who can be a useful NHLer.. It was hard for me to watch him.”Eventually, in 2013, Puja and her husband Rajesh, 37, went to see Dr Pradeep Chowbey, at Max Hospital, in Delhi.”I finally went to see the doctor in 2013 but Mihir was so big he couldn’t walk properly so I had to go without him. The doctor said he needed to see him but we couldn’t get Mihir out the house at the time,” she added.Postman who hated ‘skinny’ body shows off incredible transformation after gaining 70lbsFinally, five years later, Mihir made it to see Dr Chowbey in December 2017 by the time he had reached an astounding 237kgs, suffered with diabetes, breathing issues and high blood pressure.The doctor assured Mihir he could help but he had to lose a little weight on his own first. Mihir was put on a high protein diet for three months and in April this year he had dropped to 197kg.Mihir, who loves to play on his Playstation 4 and watch Netflix, said: “I was determined to do what the doctor suggested.

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