I was a bit worried the government would give that away

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canadian goose jacket EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Well, the early part of the week in Canberra was dominated by foreign policy. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka The Presidents of China and the PM of India both addressed Federal Parliament, whilst Tony Abbott and US President Barack Obama clashed over climate change policy. Canada Goose Parka

cheap Canada Goose But more recently, it’s been all about the seemingly misnamed Palmer United Party where trench warfare was the order buy canada goose jacket cheap of the day. As senator Jacqui Lambie asserted her independence from Clive Palmer by helping to torpedo Canada Goose Jackets the government’s financial advice reforms. cheap Canada Goose


buy canada goose jacket cheap EMMA Canada Goose sale ALBERICI: Let’s start with China. Is the free trade agreement Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb have achieved this week, canada goose outlet is it likely to lift the Prime Minister’s canada goose deals standing in the electorate, Phil Coorey? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose factory sale PHIL COOREY: Oh not. not immediately, Emma. If anything, the risk of these things is usually downside. It’s canada goose clearance a good agreement. I thought it was far more comprehensive than any of us were anticipating especially the access they got for services. If you break it apart it’s actually a very good piece of work, but these things always tend to breed a bit of fear, I find. canada goose factory sale

So you know, Chinese jobs, things like that. So it’s been pretty well accepted. There hasn’t been much criticism of it. But I just find Foreign Affairs, things like this, people see it as a success, but I don’t think they’ll get some massive lift out of it.

cheap canada goose uk You know, it won’t hurt them. But it will you know canada goose coats on sale it’s not the sorts of things people focus on generally. cheap canada goose uk

EMMA ALBERICI: Greg Sheridan we’ve raised the threshold such that Chinese companies can now invest in Australian businesses to the value of $1 billion without the need for Foreign Investment Review Board approval. Do you have any reservations at all about that?

GREG SHERIDAN: I have some slight reservations. The big distinction we’ve made is it that canada goose state owned enterprises still need FIRB approval and that’s very important. I was a bit worried the government would give that away.

canada goose uk black friday The truth is that the giant private Chinese companies like Huawei are still in effect agents of the Chinese State. So I think the public private distinction is not as valid with China as it is with other nations. Nonetheless I think on balance that was a reasonable compromise to make. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose We had to give something in order to get something. And the government will still be able to disallow any investment it regards as being against the national interest. But I think this was a good mutual deal, the Chinese were partly motivated by the brilliant deal we had with Japan and South Korea. So this has been a kind of a virtuous cycle, I think. uk canada goose

EMMA ALBERICI: Phil Coorey, I just want to pick on the speech Xi Jingping made to the Parliament. He promised to open his country, transition to democracy, but there’s still no canada goose coats press freedom in China and people are still being locked up for life for simply criticising government policy. So on what basis should Australians believe that Beijing is committed to a democratic future?

canada goose coats PHIL COOREY: Oh I don’t think there was great cause for optimism on www.canadagooseparka.biz/a> that front Emma. He did say socialist democracy. I immediately turned to canada goose black friday sale one of my colleagues who canadian goose jacket knows quite a bit about China and he said “Don’t worry about it, he didn’t mean it, not like we mean it.” canada goose coats

canada goose coats on sale I think the Prime Minister got a bit excited he’d thought he’d announced something in our parliament, but not quite. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose Look I was just in China just the weekend before last at APEC. It’s, you know, a nice place but it’s still as oppressive as it’s ever been there and as secretive as it’s ever been there. I mean everything gets bugged and hacked and so forth. canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale And you know even when we covered the APEC Summit. And as soon as Xi Jingping would give his address at say the trade talks they buy canada goose jacket just cut the feed to the press centre so we couldn’t hear any other world leader talk. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

You know it’s. and that happened at the forum at (inaudible) and it’s sort of everywhere and omnipresent when you’re there. It is a capitalist society. It’s quite a sort of contradiction when you walk around Beijing. You see the sort of it looks like any western city, but it’s anything but underneath. So look, he said the right things in the Parliament.

canada goose black friday sale I think as Greg pointed out the most important thing was this sort of commitment to peace in the region. But again, you know, the test awaits. canada goose black friday sale

EMMA ALBERICI: Greg Sheridan still on the G20, you wrote earlier this week that Barack Obama came to Australia with the specific intention of damaging Tony Abbott politically. cheap Canada Goose What would he have to gain from doing that?

Canada Goose Online GREG SHERIDAN: Well Emma, this is a very complex question and I have spent all week talking to friends in Washington to get a proper insight. Canada Goose Outlet I think we’re now seeing a very dysfunctional Obama White House, which cannot reconcile its foreign policy and its domestic policy sides. A lot of his domestic advisers were tremendously attach to the carbon tax that the Labor Government had because they can’t bring one in canada goose clearance sale in America themselves. Canada Goose Online

And it was the most, as the Productivity Commission showed us, it was the most onerous carbon tax in the world. So they were very unhappy when it was withdrawn. From the earliest days of the Abbott Government there’s been a split within the Obama administration about whether to beat up on Abbott over repealing the carbon tax or to Canada Goose online recognise that he had an electoral mandate and until Obama came to Australia, his foreign policy team won that argument.

I thought it was an astonishing performance by Obama. He refused to give the Australian Government a copy of the speech in advance. He refused to brief them in any way on what he was going to say. He really blindsided them.

Francois Hollande and David Cameron are equally committed to combating climate change but they didn’t go out of their way to damage an ally. I think it speaks of an irresponsibility. This is not unique to Australia of course. Obama has a long history of dissing American allies.

canada goose uk outlet A lot of my friends in Washington say he’s never really understood alliance structures. It’s a very introverted White House, and a quite dysfunctional White House and it had the odd effect by the way of totally drowning out everything he had to say on regional security. canada goose uk outlet

So all the messages he wanted to give about how they were responding to China’s challenge and all that, they all got completely drowned out. So I think it was a big failure by Obama all for the sake of one more celebrity orgasm. Seems very strange.

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