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canada goose uk outlet I disagree. Imagine an industry that is very likely to experience significant job losses during a downturn. When the market goes down, normal FIRE people see this as a discount. “I still depositing $x each month, so I get more shares for cheaper! Woo!” canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Outlet But now imagine you know in advance that whenever a downturn comes, canada goose coats you will lose your job, and not be able to invest at those low prices. You know in advance that at the moment you might most need those funds, because you lost your job, those funds will be canada goose clearance inaccessible or severely discounted. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose uk black friday The oil cycle often can last years up and years down. An 1 year “adequate emergency fund” is not sufficient for such cycles. When the sector is down, it a bloodbath. You won find work there at all, no matter how hard you try. canada goose uk black friday

Your view canada goose outlet of this situation sounds fairly dogmatic and, quite frankly, not right.

canadian goose jacket Hanging out with buddies is supposed to be relaxing. Sometimes, though, for people solely dedicated to a goal like FIRE, time spent with friends actually becomes not relaxing. I met people who, during that time with friends, actually get stressed that they not making forward movement. canadian goose jacket

Until canada goose clearance sale they get their mind right, time spent with friends is actually counter productive. It increases their stress levels rather than decreases them. And this is really bad, because you actually do need time with friends, and if time with friends causes you stress for no reason other than that you not making huge progress at that moment, then that an indication Canada Goose Jackets that you gone too far and need to pull yourself back to the real world.

So yeah. have a spa day, think about where you want to go, at what speed, and how you want to get there. but also demand of yourself a willingness to allow relaxing nights with friends as part of “the plan”. This will stop you from stressing when you are out with friends. When your brain tells you “Spending money and wasting time with friends is not part of the plan!”, you will be able to reply to yourself “Yes. yes it is. It 100% is part of the plan, x often and with y budget.”

canada goose coats If you lack that response to your own self criticism, you will find nights out with friends could possibly create more stress rather than alleviate it. canada goose coats

uk canada goose If you add a few thousand reps, you have jacketstockk canada goose store a big problem that is the electoral college. Remember, electoral votes = senators representatives. If you take a random state with (say) 10 electoral votes, 8 from reps, 2 from senate, the senate represents 20% of their electoral votes. If you multiply by ten the number of house seats throughout the buy canada goose jacket cheap country, this state goes from 10 electoral votes to 82. The extra 2 senate votes now make up only 2/82, or 2.5% of their electoral votes. In short, small states lose representation when electing the President. uk canada goose

canada goose factory sale Now I sure you say, why does this even matter? The House should be representative of the people. The Senate should represent the states. Who cares about the President? canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Parka The fact is that the President sits basically in the middle of the House / Senate. It partly based on population, and also a big bonus for just being a cheap Canada Goose state. It somewhere in the middle of “one state one vote” and “one man one vote”. If you x10 the size of the house, then the President is elected not by a reasonable mix of the two methods, but by a method which comes very close to approximating the same method as the house. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store Long story short, if we want to x10 the size of the house, we still need to do something like x10 the size of the senate, to make sure the president is still a reasonable balance of the two methods so that both rural and urban citizens can be pandered to equally for those votes. canada goose store

Longer story is, if two bodies are elected in near identical canadian goose jacket ways (expanded house and presidency after an expanded house), their interests will align a lot, and they will bully the hell out of the third branch. If the presidency was elected by a method “each state gets 2 votes”, then we can feel pretty sure almost every President would behave very similar to the Senate itself. If the President was elected by popular vote, any president would behave very similar to the (ungerrymandered) House.

uk canada goose outlet Right now the Presidency canada goose is a balancing act between the two, and can therefore play a meaningful mediation game when the House and Senate disagree with each other. The Presidency can, in some respects, be a neutral arbiter to side one way or the other depending on the issue. However if we expanded the House, did not expand the Senate, and the Presidency electoral vote calculation became house dominated, the Presidency would lose the ability to even pretend to be a neutral mediator because structurally their interests would align almost solely with the House. uk canada goose outlet

As much as I hate that he does that, I know WHY he does that. NY knows that a huge portion of their revenue, and in fact their entire existence, comes from NYC and Wall Street. It “The Island at the Center of the World”. It the Empire City of the Empire State. It Gotham, and the Center of Capitalism.

canada goose clearance This place makes money by having everything flow through it. It used to have all the goods, too, but the ports moved across the river to NJ. So now the city lives and dies based on the willingness of the rich to continue to funnel their money through NY. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale What happens if buy canada goose jacket NY turns into California? What happens if the rich residents one day decide that every tax dollar they give to NY is a dollar used to enact economic policies counter to “the invisible hand of the market”? What happens when the obvious contradictions become manifest? Will some of the financial companies move to ideologically greener pastures, where those contradictions don exist? Even if they do go, will they be able to bring their businesses with them? canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Cuomo would rather avoid all of this. He rather give the Republicans some element of minority power (ie not veto proof), and keep them on a short leash, with the very much implied warning that if they go too far canada goose black friday sale to oppose a slow and steady development, they risk having their power cut off entirely. buy canada goose jacket cheap

In some ways, it actually not a bad strategy. The Republicans learn to tolerate being a minority party, and Canada Goose Outlet know not to go too far or risk being choked off entirely. Cuomo also gets to use those same Republicans as an excuse to not move too far forward too fast, in essence, slowly dragging everyone to the left, without moving so fast as to cause a real breakdown. In fact, if I had to, I would probably choose this model for the entire country. And I wouldn be surprised if that was Cuomo plan in the long run.

Canada Goose online That whole deal breaks down with a veto proof supermajority. The Dems can gerrymander the crap out of the state, completely locking those Republicans out of power for decades. In fact, Canada Goose Parka this might be entirely out of Cuomo hands now. If the Dems decide they want to, they can, since they now veto proof, and what can Cuomo do to stop them? Veto it? Not anymore. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale So basically, Cuomo has lost a lot of his ability to maintain the type of relationship he really wanted. We drag you slowly slowly left, and even canada goose coats on sale go out of our way to give you extra voice, so long as you don abuse that. Now we wait and see if he has the ability or the willingness stop the worst excesses of a one party state before a lot Canada Goose sale of tax dollars flee to greener pastures Canada Goose sale.

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