It was the first BlackBerry to have a built in camera (1

It also featured the SureType keypad for a slimmer form factor. It was the first BlackBerry to have a built in camera (1.3 MP) and support for music and video playback. It threw GPS into the mix along with the usual messaging features, Bluetooth, expandable memory and a media player, but it lacked a camera and there was no 3G or Wi Fi support.BlackBerry Curve 8300The 8300 series, better known as the BlackBerry Curve, brought together the traditional form factor, in its smallest and lightest form yet, along with a strong range of features.

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4. Keep track of expenses: Likewise, keep careful track of all your expenses and revenue for tax purposes. Taxes can be hefty on small businesses, but there are plenty of opportunity to write off expenses, including mileage and a portion of your mortgage for your home office.

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