She claimed that he put the children to bed in their school

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Designer Replica Bags Earlier this week Daily Mail Online revealed that Michael finally filed divorce papers against Jules on July 15.Now these photographs confirm the truth replica bags blog of the relationship that Michael has repeatedly sought to deny in the face of wife Jules’s suspicion and a particularly nasty divorce that has seen both parties accuse the other of physical assault and last month saw police called to their West Village home.The couple picked up a mirror, padded seating, and other goods at the Home Goods storeIt is not clear when the affair began, though a friend of Jules has claimed that the two were texting back in January and a family source close to Elyse has told Daily Mail Online that Michael met psychologist Elyse when the RHONY stars visited one of the clubs owned by Elyse’s husband, Tsion Bensusan.Thirty nine year old Tsion is the owner of Manhattan’s The Blue Note, BB King’s Blues Club Grill and The Highline Room.Elyse’s estranged husband is Tsion Bensusan (right, with AEG’s Adam Lublin in May), who owns Manhattan’s The Blue Note, BB replica bags in dubai King’s Blues ClubHe and Elyse married in a lavish ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in September 2010.According to the source, 36 year old mother of two daughters, Elyse, was separated from Tsion at the time she and Michael met.Yet in recent weeks Tsion has been seen coming and going from the Upper East Side apartment the couple continue to share.On the days these pictures were taken Tsion left the family home around 11am.Elyse emerged several hours later and walked around the block to where Michael was waiting to pick her up in his black SUV.Relaxed and at ease in each other’s company Elyse smoked a cigarette as Michael, a principal at Private Capital Group, drove them uptown where they parked up before heading into a Home Goods store.A couple of hours later they returned to replica bags from china free shipping the car, with Michael carrying a large mirror and Elyse carrying bags of soft furnishings. Store assistants helped load outdoors seating into the back of the SUV.They then drove further uptown to a townhouse, believed to be the couple’s future love nest, undergoing renovations where they spoke with workmen as they unloaded their purchases.They were touching each other throughout with Elyse constantly linking her arm through Michael’s or holding his hand.On another occasion earlier this month Daily Mail Online witnessed Tsion leave the family home mid morning with the eldest of his two daughters.Approximately 15 minutes later Elyse left, carrying the couple’s younger child.She walked toward Central Park where Michael was waiting for her on the street. The couple kissed briefly, smiling broadly before walking off in opposite directions.Evidently at pains not to be seen together publicly Elyse and Michael entered the park from different sides and both spoke on their phones while Elyse watched her daughter play and Michael sat discretely on a nearby bench.Fans of RHONY have witnessed the deterioration of the Wainsteins’s relationship play out on screen.In an episode filmed back in January, Jules was seen voicing her suspicions about Michael’s behavior after he returned luxury replica bags home late for a double date night and still insisted on taking a shower before spending all evening on his phone.Jules complained to friend and co replica bags gucci star Dorinda Medley about how little her husband of eight years helped with their children Rio, three, and Jagger, five.She claimed that he put the children to bed in their school uniform, expected her to tend to their every demand and on one occasion did not change his daughter’s diaper, leaving it ‘full’ until her mother got home.’Even if we’re on a date night, he’s on the phone who the f is he talking to?’ she asked, with Dorinda’s boyfriend John Mahdessian dubbing him ‘phone boy’, because of it.But while Jules has clearly implied that his affair lies at the heart of their split, Elyse’s family insist that is not the case Designer Replica Bags.

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