week has passed and we need clear answers, she said

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canada goose Such an assessment could have also addressed the court criticism that the National Energy Board hadn properly assessed the risk of the increased tanker traffic.READ MORE:Justin Trudeau says adhering to the court’s guidance best way to get Trans Mountain builtOn Wednesday, Trudeau hinted that altering the route or introducing additional mitigating measures were things to be considered.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday she hasn given Ottawa a deadline for producing a plan cheap canada goose but said both Alberta and Canadian officials are solutions. Said she felt Ottawa understood the urgency but is still hoping for a direct plan soon.week has passed and we need clear answers, she said.WATCH: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley speaks to media on Thursday, after meeting with her Market Access Task Force and energy industry leaders.NDP MP Richard Cannings said when the Liberals decided to do additional consultations with Indigenous communities in 2016, it was a chance not just to listen but to directly address concerns. It listened but didn do anything, despite being given many specific actions that could have made First Nations more comfortable with the project, he said.The court found the government mistakenly believed it couldn add any additional conditions to the pipeline approval beyond the 157 conditions applied by the National Energy Board when it recommended approval in May 2016 canada goose.

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