We’re really glad to see the recovery is going so well in

At this stage of the housing cycle, the stock market will probably be unwilling to bid up the valuation multiples of the homebuilders, unless it anticipates either an acceleration in new home sales (and deliveries) or an extension of the growth phase of the housing cycle. Similarly, the market is probably unlikely to bid valuation multiples down (except in a correction), unless it sees that the downside of the housing cycle is imminent.Consequently, if valuation multiples remain flat, total returns on homebuilding stocks will be equal to the growth in their earnings plus dividends. If those 30% average consensus earnings growth expectations for 2018 are realized, then homebuilding stocks will achieve commensurate returns, which would almost certainly beat the overall market.With my now higher 2018 earnings projection of $4.36 per share, which is based upon management’s guidance, I expect that Toll’s EPS will grow 37.5% this fiscal year.

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iphone 7 case First up we’re going to start with Mark and Mark’s going to give us some industry oversight insight for the month, Mark?Thank you, Erich and good morning to everybody. First well before I get into September’s numbers, just a little bit on the various hurricane relief efforts and how the business is responding. It’s been quite a couple months as you could imagine and August we had Hurricane Harvey, which was followed by Hurricane Irma in September.We’re really glad to see the recovery is going so well in Houston and that the recovery from Irma is moving along well too and obviously our thoughts and prayers got out to all those impacted by the storms including those struggling in our territories in the Atlantic.I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all of our dealers and employees plus all the first responders and work crews who did such a great and heroic work in making the speedy recovery possible. iphone 7 case

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